Gourock pool to reopen


Swimming at the Waterfront and the historic Gourock Outdoor Pool, which is currently being filled, will resume a week later on Monday 7 September to allow for the water to be heated, treated and for training to familiarise staff with the new rules and regulations.


The regular swimming season at Gourock Pool – Scotland’s oldest outdoor heated pool – usually comes to an end around this time of year but Inverclyde Council has committed £36,000 towards subsidising an extension until 31 October to help make up for some of the time lost due to the coronavirus pandemic.


There will be new safety measures in place for staff and customers, including wearing masks going to and from activities, and all activities must be pre-booked in accordance with national guidelines.

Visit www.inverclydeleisure.com for more information. 

Swimmers must arrive ‘beach ready’ and customers will be provided with an area to get changed afterwards but lockers will not be available.


Gourock pool to reopen